The Hymenoptera picture gallery reliably determines photos of bees and wasps from the order of the Hymenoptera or hymenoptera. The website serves as a reference for determining Hymenoptera, because the number of incorrect determinations is unfortunately high on the Internet. The site therefore offers the opportunity to secure your own provisions and to get an overview of the variety of hymenoptera. The geographic scope of the website is global and is intended for photos of all the main wing families.

One of the main goals of the website is to improve the quality of determinations on photos in order to increase the value of the many, often beautiful and interesting digital photos of hymenoptera and, in particular, to enable the images to be used for scientific questions. In this way, every photographer who is experienced in natural history can contribute to the scientific usability of his photos. It is also to be hoped that interest in the interesting and diverse group of Hymenoptera will be encouraged.

In the future, the website will include three categories of photos. The starting point and central component of the website are photos of living animals. However, since many species are difficult to photograph alive, we want to gradually present an extensive reference database of museum specimens. Since these specimens are reliably determined by specialists, they are particularly suitable as a scientific comparison photo database. As a third component, high-resolution photos of entire insect boxes will be presented. This is material from the Zoological State Collection Munich, a natural history collection with one of the world's largest collections of hymenoptera.