This website offers photographers who are interested in the photography of Hymenoptera the opportunity to present their photos on the Internet. The website focusses on photos of living insects that were taken in the field and represents an interface between photographically interested entomologists and specialist amateurs on the one hand, and taxonomic specialists for Hymenoptera on the other hand.

All photos presented here have been critically examined by specialists and, as far as possible, identified to genus or even species level. It is our goal to improve the quality of determinations of photos of Hymenoptera and to increase the scientific value of the many, often beautiful and interesting digital photos of Hymenoptera. This way the science-savvy photographer can not only enjoy his pastime hobby of taking pictures of insects, but also contributes to the scientific utility of his photos and, hopefully will lead to an increase interest in this extrememy diverse group of insects.

To a limited extent, photographs of specimens from natural history collections, in particular from the Zoologische Staatssammlung München, will be presented. These were usually reliably identified by taxonomic specialist using suitable microscope optics which is normally not possible in the field or from photos. By comparison with reference specimens from the museum, it is often possible to improve the accuracy of identifications of insects on photos.