Welcome to our picture gallery for bees, wasps and other Hymenoptera! Our concept is completely new. We combine a forum for the identification of insect photos with a picture gallery that is maintained by specialists. Visitors find reliable information on identifying insect photos and an overview of the exciting world of Hymenoptera.

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2020-11-08 16:10:05 - Burkhard Steinmüller
on photo Bombus sylvarum

Keine Ahnung, ob das eine Hummel oder Pelzbiene ist

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2020-11-07 23:16:05 - Daniela Weiland
Photos of unidentified Hymenoptera by Daniela Weiland

On my roof terrace on the 4th floor

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2020-11-05 10:01:39 - Bernhard Müller
Photos of unidentified Hymenoptera by Bernhard Müller

seit 2019 heimisch

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2020-06-21 19:51:27 - Günter Matzke-Hajek
Photos of unidentified Hymenoptera by Günter Matzke-Hajek

Nicht gesammelt, nur fotografiert. Beobachtungsdatum: 21.06.2020